Humor club

Humor Club

Humor Club was started in the academic year 2012-13 with members of all our first year B.E/B.Tech.,& M.E Students. “Your sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools you have to make certain that your daily mood and emotional state support good health.”

Humor can change your mood instantly. It is very hard to be angry when something strikes you as funny, as many parents have discovered while trying to discipline a wayward child while trying to muffle their laughter at his actions. Laughing actually stimulates the brain, both left and right sides, to help the laughter retain more information. This makes humor the ideal study aid!

Depression and anxiety are almost non-existent in people who have a great sense of humor and who are able to laugh at themselves. These people automatically see the world in a different light, simply because of their sense of humor. Some doctors even recommend laughing as a therapeutic exercise.

This concept has even gone so far as to form humor clubs where the main activity is laughing. The idea behind this is that if you spend an hour giggling, you will be healthier. People join these clubs like you would join a spinning class! They spend the hour or so chortling away and go home feeling rejuvenated and healthy.

According to the humor clubs, you don't have to feel the laughter in order for it to be beneficial. Just opening your mouth and laughing on purpose, forced or not, can increase heart rate, oxygen levels and boost the immune system. Although it is rather difficult not to really laugh when you are surrounded by club members doing the same thing. And humor is proven to be contagious, so a good group laugh is quite probable every time one of these clubs gets together.

With humor being so good for you, how can you add more to your everyday life? You can start by smiling at yourself in the mirror each morning and having a little five minute laugh to get the day started. Reading jokes, watching comedic movies or shows and hanging out with children are some guaranteed ways to get you chuckling yourself and on the road to better health.

Benefits of Humor Club

In our monthly meetings the first 80 minutes is open Session where any person can come to stage and crack Jokes.

Laughing provides many health benefits for the mind and body; particularly the immune and cardiovascular systems. Laughing is also one of the fastest methods of relaxation, known to quickly reduce stress and the physical and mental illnesses associated with stress. Additionally, laughing is a great form of exercise that burns calories just like a workout.

Blood Pressure

Laughter has a positive effect on blood pressure. When an individual laughs, the first thing the blood pressure does is increase, then the blood pressure decreases lower than normal. This generates deeper breathing, which in turn sends more oxygenated blood through the body.

Immune System

Stress hormones reduce infection fighting antibodies our bodies need to fight infection. Laughter reduces stress hormones and increases the antibodies necessary to fight infection.

Heart Benefits

Laughing may offer protection against heart attack and stroke by expanding the inner lining of the walls of the arteries. This inner lining, when expanded, increases blood flow.


Both sides of the brain are stimulated during laughing. This brain stimulation reduces stress and muscle tension, enhancing attentiveness and brain function.


Laughter exercises the diaphragm, midsection, face, muscles in the back, abdominal organs and intestinal tract. The positive effect on the intestinal tract aids in the absorption and digestion process of the digestive system.

Emotionally Healthy

Laughter instantly elevates mood and acts as a form of therapy as stored feelings of anger and frustration are released.


S.Rajesh., AP /ECE