Optional Services

We Help Our Students to Obtain,

  1. Passport
  2. PAN Card
  3. Aadhaar Card
  4. Driving Training & license
  5. BSNL training
  6. IBM training
  7. Oracle training

We Also Provide Facilities Such as,

  1. Industrial Visits & Educational Tours
  2. Gym

to our students who opt for it.

About Driving Class for the Hostel Students

Our college provides driving class facility for the hostel students.Driving class agency engage the students both in morning and evening session daily. Respective hostel warden accompanying their students for Learner License Registration and also get driving license for the students. It is very useful for the hostel students to get driving license in a safe manner.

Academic Year Total No. of students Benefitted
2012 220
2013 180
2014 160
2015 120